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There's very important capability in Consultation Finder which must be emphasized.

It's vitally important and it's to do with how and from where consultations can be accessed by members of the public (our ultimate custiomers!). It's also directly related to Partners' sharing knowledge AND avoiding duplication and consultation fatigue.

Here's how it's achieved. This is the simple yet effective process:

The lead Partner has the Consultation Finder search screen displayed on their site in their branding. Citizens use that to find relevant consultations.

AND the same is true for Partners. BUT it is displayed in their livery and displaying their consultations - all automatic, all seamless.

Of course, a member of the public can still access ALL partner consultations from any site just by clicking a button if that's what they wish.

So, the best of all possible worlds and ALL data shared and no wheels reinvented and no citizens fatigued or enraged.

IN short, Consultation Finder is a very quick win. G3 and R15 (Traffic) done and dusted - now. And Priority Outcome E3 capability thrown in for free.

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