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Our aim is to solve both ODPM Priority Outcome G3 (consultation) and R15 in regard to (mandatory)Traffic Management consultations. Now Traffic or Highways Depts can efficiently publish their specialist consultations with easy-to-design and deploy response forms (and also show maps).

Significant savings in time, effort and money can be enjoyed - and greater levels of participation and user satisfaction - while making the business of analysis of responses very efficient and not adding to workloads.

Summary of features:

  • Central repository of future, present, current and past consultations
  • Central repository of your stakeholders - consultees
  • Publishing of Consultations
  • Designing Response Forms for consultations
  • Publishing Results of consultations
  • Comprehensive Response Analysis and Feedback collection
  • Parameterised Consultee Participation and Activity Reports
  • Targeting, alerting and communicating with Consultees based on their interests, demographic and geographic profiles
  • Incorporating of any possible geographic area types (Parish, Ward, District, police area, adult education area, postcode etc.) into Search Engine
  • Parameter driven web based interface to control behaviour and templates within system
  • Dynamic look n' feel configuration to suit existing websites or preferred layouts
  • Easy to use web based administrative and consultation manager interface
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