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Comparison of the survey and analysis capability in Consultation Finder Plus with traditional survey tools.

The traditional survey tools process is not a seamless operation and can be cumbersome and, of course, responses are not able to be linked to participants (or their profile or characteristics).

However , with Consultation Finder Plus, surveys and forms can be deployed and reports generated online using search parameters. Much better and more effective.

Compare that efficiency and effectiveness to the traditional process (and problems associated with it):

  • A consultation manager will open the survey tool on the desktop and design a survey form
  • That will then be uploaded to an appropriate directory on their website
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Key question to ask now is :

How will users find this survey form? (we don't really know of course. It depends on many things - web design, existing tools, etc but it is not an automatic process). What we do know is that with Consultation Finder Plus this rather important process is taken care of !

Anyway, the next step is …

Participants can respond to the survey form in the usual manner i.e. link to a survey form somewhere. However, there will not be any automatic entry of a person’s name, email and any other details. These will not be dynamically completed or be part of the process since the survey page is just an HTML page.

The next stage relates to the collecting survey information using traditional methods.

  • Responses will often be collected via email in the traditional survey tool’s analysis engine on the manager's desktop and results will have to be analysed and an HTM file generated.
  • This data will be uploaded again to the website (again we don't know how users will reach/access it).

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