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Consultation Finder makes it easy for stakeholders to find, register for, be alerted to, and participate in consultation. It makes it equally easy to obtain information on eventual outcomes and policy. That's important because Consultation, like Justice, must also be seen to be done!

Consultation Finder meets these vital needs:

  • consultations directory and calendar
  • specialised consultation content management tool
  • an internal and Partners' communications system
  • an analysis and management reporting system
  • a consultee database.
It enables:

Consultation Finder has been carefully designed with three "stakeholding" groups in mind.

Consultation Finder is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool. For all of these groups it's a map and a guide!

1. The public, who must be able to find consultations of importance to them.

2. The consultor, whose job is to make sure that the facts and policy suggestions are effectively and efficiently published, analysed and reported on. In addition, it has the capability to enable engagement and collaboration with colleagues and partners at pre-and post consultation stages.

3. Councillors or elected members, who also need to know what's going on both in their "patch" and also the totality of consultation and engagement being undertaken by officials.

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