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Consultation Finder enables citizens

  • to be informed
  • To be listened to
  • Have their views inform policy and priorities
  • Know what has been implemented and why
  • Learn about progress or lack of it
  • to know that contribution has value
  • to be consulted on particular issues
  • a new channel for prospective participants
  • to find out what neighbours and fellow citizens think


  • Login Interface with Profile fields
  • Register Interest for future consultations or based on consultation interest by specific categories
  • Receive email alerts when consultations of interests are published *
  • Book-marking of favourite consultations for quick look up
  • Search of consultations by Geographic area, Status, Dates, Interest, Category or Topic
  • View consultation details and download related documents
  • Respond to consultations with easy to use online questionnaire / survey forms
  • No need to complete all details again when responding to consultation (as user details are already registered within the system)
  • Receive email alerts when results of consultations responded to are published
  • Inform your friends and colleagues for a consultation of Interest and encourage their participation
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