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We make the process of describing and finding consultations straightforward and rewarding.

That begins by having all consultations and associated documents and results consistently accessed from one place. This makes for ease of access, demonstrates commitment, transparency and builds trust.

Being wholly web based the process of consultation deployment is simple, enabling best practice in description and classification to be used and, as required, data shared and aggregated through common standards.

Real advantages and real benefits
  • great savings in time and effort - and therefore resources and money - required to describe and deploy consultation.
  • No technical/web skills needed by the Consultor therefore fast deployment of necessary content and response mechanisms.
  • Members of the public just key their postcode, ward etc or interest area and relevant consultation is returned.
  • With partners' involvement it avoids duplication and with that "consultation fatigue".
  • Builds confidence in the council and demonstrates that an individual's time spent is valued and worthwhile.
  • Management reports allow levels of participation to be easily calculated and publicised. This supporting the previous point in regard to confidence.
  • Reports are easily accessed also.
  • Relating postcodes to consultation areas - all automatically managed by the system - also allows sensible access (and easy updating).
  • The registration/profile systems can be development as a stakeholder database to enable better targeting and interpretation of responses.
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